New Jersey eAuthority

Articles in this issue include:

New Jersey Trade Secrets Act Effective January 9, 2012

Re-Introduced Bill Proposes Numerous Significant Changes to the Law Against Discrimination

NJDOL Makes Available One-Page Poster and Notice for Use by Employers

Maximum Weekly Benefits for Unemployment, Temporary Disability and Family Leave Insurance, and Workers’ Compensation Increased for 2012

Bills Introduced to Increase Minimum Wage to $8.50 Effective July 1, 2012

Bills Introduced to Limit Employers’ Ability to Require Applicants to Disclose Prior Criminal Convictions

Bills Introduced to Prohibit Employers from Requiring Applicants to Undergo a Credit Check as a Condition of Employment

Bill Introduced to Exclude Illegal Aliens from Workers’ Compensation and Temporary Disability Benefits Coverage

Bill Introduced to Require Contractors and Subcontractors Engaged in a Public Works Contract Subject to Prevailing Wage Requirements to Provide More Specific Wage Information

Bill Introduced to Spare Repayment of Unemployment Benefit Overpayments Obtained Innocently But Erroneously

Bill Introduced to Allow Employers to Require Payment by Direct Deposit

NYDOL Publishes FAQs on Numerous Wage and Hour Topics, Including Wage Deductions and Overtime Rules

Third Circuit Confirms Individual Supervisor Liability Under the FMLA for Both Public and Private Employers

Attorney-Client Privilege Does Not Attach to Employee’s Emails Sent Through Company Email System on Work Computer

Starbucks District Manager Was Carrying Out Her Job Duties and Therefore Was Not a Whistleblower Protected by CEPA When She Reported Workplace Misconduct

Employer May Be Liable for Failure to Provide FMLA Notice

LAD Does Not Protect Against Adverse Actions Taken on Basis of Familial Status

Unsuccessful Romantic Overtures Insufficient to Establish Hostile Work Environment or Constructive Discharge

New Jersey eAuthority February 2012