New Jersey eAuthority

Articles in this issue include:

New Jersey Social Media Privacy Bill Becomes Law

New Jersey Expands Pay Equity Protections

New Jersey’s Domestic Violence Victim Leave Law Poster Now Available

New Jersey Governor Vetoes Bill to Punish Misclassification of Trucking Business Employees

New Jersey Assembly Introduces Bill to Invalidate Restrictive Covenants and Non-Disclosure Agreements for Employees

New Jersey Assembly Proposes Law to Require Employers to Provide Earned Sick Leave

Proposed Bill Seeks to Require New Jersey Employers to File Monthly, Not Quarterly, Wage Reports on Employees

New Jersey Supreme Court Takes Broad View of Protected Complaints Under NJLAD, But Narrow View Under CEPA

New Jersey District Court Holds That Stored Communications Act Protects Employee’s Private Facebook Posts, But Employer Still Free to Discharge Poster    

New Jersey Casino’s Waitress Appearance Policy Not Discriminatory

New Jersey Appellate Division Holds “Watchdog Employees” Can Bring CEPA Claims

Employee’s Disclosure of Customer Information in the Face of Suspected Child Neglect Held Protected Activity Under CEPA, District of New Jersey Holds

Plaintiff Entitled to Employer’s Customers’ Addresses, District of New Jersey Holds

Reliance on Inapplicable Code of Ethics Cannot Support CEPA’s Reasonable Belief Standard, New Jersey Appellate Division Holds

Effective Anti-Harassment Policy Warrants Summary Judgment on Hostile Work Environment Claim, District of New Jersey Holds

New Jersey Appellate Division Holds Aider and Abettor Liability Can Be Imposed on a Supervisor for His or Her Own Affirmative Violations of the NJLAD

Indefinite Leave is Not a Reasonable Accommodation, District of New Jersey Holds

New Jersey eAuthority September 2013