The Ogletree Deakins campaign app is customized to each client’s needs during pre-petition or post-petition organizing. The app, which employers can use strategically in conjunction with traditional communication methods, provides the following features:

  • Multimedia Resources. The Ogletree Deakins campaign app gives users direct and seamless access to multimedia content. Video testimonials, for example, are rendered perfectly on the device.
  • Real-Time Messaging. The campaign app offers employers the ability to send push notifications that appear on employee phone displays rather than hidden in a crowded email inbox. Employers can use the real-time messaging feature to alert users of key dates or updates during a union campaign.
  • Q&A Capability. The app can feature answers to employee questions received through the app or at the employer’s work site. Employers can customize this question-and-answer feature to provide frequent updates and quickly address employee-driven content.
  • Bookmarks. The app has a bookmark feature that allows employees to save key content for easy and fast access later, essentially permitting each employee-user to customize the app to better serve his or her needs.
  • Analytics. The app has the capability to identify areas of employee interest by tracking the content that has been accessed. Employers can use this data to customize future messaging and content.
  • Availability. The app can be made broadly available to employees on storefronts like iTunes and Google Play.