Learning Solutions™

Ogletree Deakins Learning Solutions™ works with human resources and management to deliver customized training options to align with your strategic goals. No matter the obstacles, this team is the “one-stop source” for all of your training needs.

Dennis A. Davis, Ph.D.* trains employees in the areas of workplace violence, cultural diversity, professional interaction, and conflict resolution. His successful endeavors have led to safer, more productive workplaces for over 25 years. Through customized training, Davis assists HR and management achieve the goals they set forth within their organization.
* Dr. Davis is not an Attorney.

Improve Intercommunication

Through training and focused discussion, enhance your organization's communication in the following ways:

  • Understand what constitutes harassment through an in-depth look at the history and evolution of SEXUAL HARASSMENT and GENDER DISCRIMINATION
  • Succeed in achieving CULTURAL DIVERSITY by examining the evolution of anti-discrimination laws and the changing demographics in the United States
  • Provide effective CONFLICT RESOLUTION by outlining a dynamic framework for supervisors and management to work within
  • Promote PROFESSIONAL INTERACTION by teaching employees appropriate interactive styles for the workplace through a combination of sexual harassment and diversity training
  • MANAGE CHANGE by guiding supervisors and managers during layoffs and restructuring, by focusing on positive employee relations, and by differentiating between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors among employees facing change
  • ENHANCE COMMUNICATION AND INTERPERSONAL SKILLS that often break down and lead to decreased productivity through a training session that provides feedback to attendees concerning their communication styles and instructs attendees on improving the effectiveness of their communication

Prevent Workplace Violence

Understanding, prevention, and intervention:

  • Trains an in-house CRISIS MANAGEMENT TEAM on conducting an initial threat assessment, intervening into incidents of violence, and developing workplace violence prevention policies and procedures
  • Leads first level MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS to identify the potential for violence and to intervene early
  • Teaches employees to diffuse and MANAGE POTENTIALLY VIOLENT CUSTOMERS, CLIENTS, AND VISITORS who are often the source of workplace violence
  • Guides upper management through EXECUTIVE BRIEFINGS to involve them in the organization’s violence-free initiatives (because without executive buy-in, most training programs are doomed to fail)
  • Conducts POLICY AND PROCEDURE DEVELOPMENT – the most effective measure against violence – specifically geared towards combating violence in the workplace

Develop a Customized Plan for Your Organization

Additionally, we have developed the following customized training to assist HR and management to:

  • Challenge supervisors and managers on BEING AN ETHICAL MANAGER by including legal, moral, and professional considerations in their decision making
  • Help those who have demonstrated technical proficiency to become EFFECTIVE LEADERS
  • Focus on individuals who have mastered the technical requirements of leadership, but who have not fully developed their people skills through an INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT TRAINING PROGRAM (IMTP), focusing on motivation, discipline, performance evaluations, and communication
  • Improve the most difficult responsibilities facing supervisors and managers: accurately assessing subordinates through PREFORMANCE APPRAISALS, COUNSELING, DISCIPLINE, AND TERMINATION and dealing with underperforming employees
Timothy A. Garnett has spent over three decades representing management in employment and labor law matters. Tim has developed and presented hundreds of labor and employment training programs dealing with labor relations and other human resource topics for human resource professionals and first-line management.

It's all about RESPECT (for supervisors)

In is EEOC approved harassment and bullying prevention program, supervisors will learn the steps needed to recognize, prevent and end harassing and bullying behavior and the actions needed to create a respectful workplace.

It's all about RESPECT (On demand customized video for all employees)

In under 20 minutes, your employees will learn what harassment is and what it is not with an innovative teaching methodology using Tim's Harass-DetectorTM . You will not see cheesy harassment scenarios. Rather, real testimonials from real people explain harassment and bullying. Your organization's harassment policy and reporting procedures are the foundation of this customized video.

Unions on the Rebound: How to remain union-free

Supervisors will learn what they can and cannot say to employees about unions, and what union organizers can and will say to employees to get them to sign a union authorization card. Supervisors will also learn to recognize the early warning signs of union organizing.

Managing with a Union

Supervisors will learn the skills necessary to deal with labor unions on a day-to-day basis, including how to effectively manage under a collective bargaining agreement, how to interpret the contract to avoid disputes, and how to make their discipline and discharge decisions stick.

Are They Ever Coming Back? Managing Leaves of Absence Today

Ever feel like you’re jumping through hoops when it comes to employee leaves? You are not only dealing with the FMLA, you may have a crossover with the ADA or workers’ compensation laws. With so many federal and state regulations, it is difficult to handle employee leaves legally and effectively. This course is a must for every supervisor who has to deal with employee absences.

Discipline and Discharge – Do it Right and Make it Stick

Tired of having your discharged employees “stick it to you?” Supervisors will learn how to effectively investigate and document discipline and discharge decisions so that when challenged, their decision has a better chance of being upheld.

Don’t Shoot the HR Messenger: Five Tips to Communicate Better with Employees and Managers

One of the biggest challenges in every organization is communication. You said one thing, the employee or manager heard something else. You think they “got it” – but they didn’t absorb a word you said. Learn Tim’s tips and tricks that he developed as an HR professional and attorney to better communicate with colleagues, employees, and management in your organization.

Management and the Law: A Guide to Employment Law 101

Supervisors not only have to know how to manage, they need to spot potentially thorny employment issues. In this introductory course, supervisors will learn the basics of discrimination laws, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), wage and hour laws, harassment, how to prevent retaliation claims, and may other employment laws they must know.

Katrina Grider For more than 20 years, Katrina Grider has conducted customized in-house seminars and training for managers, supervisors, and employees concerning all aspects of EEO compliance, including but not limited to training regarding workplace harassment, discrimination, and retaliation, leaves of absence, wage and hour, management best practices regarding supervising employees, and best practices regarding personnel issues and documentation.

Katrina’s engaging, dynamic, and interactive presentation style is coupled with an ability to explain complex legal topics in uncomplicated ways that employees can understand and learn from. Katrina uses everyday and real life examples to provide managers, supervisors, and employees with practical insights and guidance to help them create and maintain respectful workplaces that are free from harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.


The Reality of EEO Litigation

Workplace Harassment and Bullying: What Managers Need to Know

Unconscious Bias and Workplace Diversity

The Art of Hiring Smart: Interview Tips, Tricks and Questions

Paper-Use It or Lose It: Job Descriptions, Performance Evaluations, Write-Ups, and Reviews

The Four-Headed Leave Monster: Managing FMLA, ADA, PDA, and Worker's Compensation

Show Me the Money: Wage and Hour Do's and Don'ts

It's a Social Media World: Learn it and Live It!

The Five W's: Conducting Internal Investigations

Texas Ex's: How to Win a Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Unemployment Claim

Lunch and Learn Series: Employment Law Updates or Selected Topic Discussions

Luther Wright Jr With over 20 years’ experience advising clients on day-to-day matters and handling all forms of employment litigation, Luther Wright, Jr. has unique insights into some of the most common mistakes employers make, as well as the most effective preventative measures to avoid bad outcomes. Luther’s training style and demeanor allow him to connect with employees at all levels of an organization. He is particularly effective at making complicated issues easy to understand and tackling difficult subjects with tact and humor.


The ADA, The FMLA, and Their Intersection with Workers’ Compensation Laws

Many lawsuits brought under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act are filed because employers fail to spot potential issues or mismanage important processes. This training session focuses on understanding the legal requirements under the law, the practical steps necessary to comply with those requirements, how ADA and FMLA issues frequently arise after workers’ compensation claims have been filed.

Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Initiatives at Work

This training session covers all forms of harassment and discrimination, and explores how employees can find themselves violating discrimination laws without realizing it. This session explains the relevant federal and state laws regarding harassment and discrimination and addresses the importance of stopping inappropriate behavior before it escalates.

Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying was bad in the fourth grade, it’s bad in the NFL, and it’s bad for workplace cultures—setting people against each other, distracting them from their jobs, and exposing employers to bad press and costly lawsuits. Attendees learn how to recognize bullying in all of its forms and the best practices to handle bullying before it leads to a workplace violence incident.

Dealing with Racial Stress and Tension in the Workplace

This training focuses on how racially-charged events in the news have elevated the need to develop competencies among all employees that will facilitate the creation of integrated work cultures. This presentation outlines the best practices for having respectful conversations at work about race relations and for combatting stereotyping and implicit bias, in addition to the short-term and long-term effects of not addressing these issues.

Responding to EEOC Charges

This seminar addresses best practices in responding to administrative charges brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the state agencies charged with enforcing discrimination and harassment laws. The presentation covers how to handle pre-response investigations, avoid the most common response mistakes, prepare for on-site interviews, and conduct mediation at the administrative level.

Handbook Policies and Implementation

This training covers the basics of federal and state law on harassment and discrimination, with specific reference to company policies, but also addresses non-legal aspects of treating employees respectfully and the corresponding impact to the bottom line. The training helps attendees identify behavior that runs afoul of the law and company policy, with an explanation why and includes best practices to make the work environment more respectful. Luther also provides refresher trainings where management and nonmanagement employees use hypotheticals to fully understand the impact that failing to report discriminatory or disrespectful conduct has on the company and the workforce.

Social Media Training

Employees are increasingly using social media while at work and/or to discuss their complaints about their workplaces and their supervisors. This session focuses on understanding how to regulate employee social media usage on and off the job without violating employee rights.

Supervisor 101

Many supervisors report that they have never received comprehensive training about all the concepts and responsibilities that apply to managerial roles. This training covers all the major phases and principles of supervision and examines the best practices of successful supervisors. This training also covers leadership principles and skills.

Workplace Violence Training

One out of every six violent crimes occurs in the workplace. Employees, customers, and other third parties are increasingly acting out in ways that devastatingly alter their lives and the lives of their coworkers. This presentation addresses the five distinct elements of a comprehensive plan to prevent and address workplace violence, including recognizing behavioral markers.