O-D Comply®

Overwhelmed with compliance? Overcome with O-D Comply®.

Multi-state compliance is tough. Federal and state laws constantly are changing, and most resources are written in legalese and are tough to use. O-D Comply® is a plain-English, user-friendly subscription solution to keep you in compliance on the most common multi-state issues.



Helps you reduce the risk of a bad hire while keeping you in compliance with the nuances of federal, state, and major local background check requirements.

  • Forms/screens and letters to obtain background checks in compliance with federal, state (including the District of Columbia), and major local requirements—including disclosure and authorization forms/screens, pre-adverse action letters, and adverse action letters
  • Flow chart graphically illustrating the entire background check process
  • Detailed, practical step-by-step guide with user-friendly instructions
  • Our proprietary Federal Summary, State Summaries, and Locality Summaries detailing restrictions on employers’ requests for and use of background check information


Helps you create and maintain a legally compliant employment application that asks all the right questions.

  • 50-state application template
  • Important notes on key issues
  • Ban-the-box state compliant (for private employers)


Helps you ensure your employment electronic signatures are valid.

  • Electronic Consent language to authorize use of e-signatures
  • Federal E-SIGN and state mini-E-SIGN compliant
  • Authorization valid for duration of employment


Helps you comply with state law requirements and minimizes the risk of becoming liable for your employee’s debt.

  • Covers the most common and difficult types of wage attachments in each state: creditor wage garnishment, federal student loans, federal tax levies, and voluntary wage assignments
  • 50-state chart of fees employers can charge for administering support orders, creditor garnishments, state and federal tax levies, and federal student loans


Helps you tailor your workplace policies and employment practices to comply with and administer leaves in all 50 states.

  • Covers the leave laws in each state, including family medical and sick time, pregnancy, domestic violence, volunteer fire fighter duty, jury duty, military/civil air patrol, school activity/visitation, voting, and others
  • Includes citations to statutes and applicable regulatory guidance
  • Searchable and customizable by state and by leave type


Helps you properly pay your employees in all 50 states.

  • Covers the most common wage and hour laws in each state, including minimum wage and overtime, meal breaks, direct deposit, payroll cards, frequency of pay, deductions, vacation pay, pay upon termination, and others
  • Includes citations to statutes and applicable regulatory guidance
  • Searchable and customizable by state and by wage & hour law