Employment Applications

EMPLOYMENT APPLICATIONS: Helps you create and maintain a legally compliant employment application that asks all the right questions.
  • 50-state application template
  • Important notes on key issues
  • Ban-the-box state compliant (for private employers)

Many states have their own requirements as to:

  • Specific language that must be on an employment application, and/or 
  • What types of questions are prohibited on an employment application.

Compounding the problem, the application form should comply with the law in both the state where the applicant resides and the state where the applicant seeks employment. Therefore, even if you are not located in every state, if you recruit on a nationwide basis, your employment application needs to comply with the state law of all 50 states. As if that weren’t enough, state laws pertaining to employment applications change regularly, and the shifting legal landscape is a compliance nightmare.

O-D Comply: Employment Application was created to solve this common problem. Choose from one of our sample forms that are compliant with the laws in all 50 states, and during the 12-month subscription period, we’ll update the forms automatically as the inevitable changes in the law occur.*

For questions, additional details, or subscription information, contact the Ogletree Deakins attorney with whom you normally work or the Ogletree Deakins Employment Applications Advice team at employmentapplicationsadvice@ogletreedeakins.com.