Rodrigo de la Concha Alvarez

Associate || Mexico City

Rodrigo de la Concha Alvarez joined Ogletree Deakins in September of 2014. Previously, Rodrigo worked in private practice at a leading law firm in Mexico City in the Labor, Social Security and Immigration Practice Group and for two years at one of the most prestigious law firms in Mexico City in its collective and individual labor litigation practice, where he appeared before federal and local Conciliation and Arbitration Labor Boards around Mexico. Rodrigo began his legal career as a law clerk at Notary Office Number 29 in México City. Rodrigo speaks both Spanish and English.

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  • Advised Mexican and foreign companies on several labor procedures, and litigated labor claims before Local and Federal Conciliation and Arbitration Labor Boards.
  • Successfully litigated employee terminations as part of the implementation of clients’ employee restructure strategies; also, he has elaborated labor termination agreements and personally ratified such agreements before Conciliation and Arbitration Labor Boards around Mexico.
  • Participated in the design and implementation of various employer substitution strategies in Mexico.
  • He has supported human resources departments with the elaboration and modification of employment agreements, company’s internal regulations, resignation processes, internal policies, joint committee’s records, and given advice regarding employee’s benefits.
  • He has thought workshops to companies regarding compliance with labor regulations, standards and different labor procedures. 
  • Worked on the coordination of foreign labor litigation with correspondent offices.
  • He collaborated and conducted labor and social security audits on several companies.
  • He had participated in companies internal investigations regarding labor and health and safety issues.
  • He has attended Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare inspections regarding several aspects, such as General Labor Conditions and Health and Safety issues and the litigation of the procedure related.
  • Attended many subpoenas before the Public Labor Defender´s Office, representing several companies.
  • Negotiated, executed, litigated and terminated Collective Bargaining Agreements for companies with different unions.
  • He has resolved controversies related to foreign employees before the National Immigration Institute (NII) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • He secured for several companies the Employer Certificate Registration before the NII, authorization in order to be able to hire foreign employees in Mexico, as well as the annual renewal.
  • He has secured for foreign employees Temporary Residency Cards with permission to perform remunerated and not remunerated activities in Mexico. Also, for their family members as economic defendants under the reunification process, as well as the renewals.
  • Obtained for foreign employees Permanent Residency Cards and Mexican Nationality.
  • Secured departure permits during immigration procedures, as well as notifications regarding modifications on the employers, or legal representatives of the companies, or any modification to the Employer Certificate Registration.
  • He successfully has registered before the Mexican Social Security Institute several New Mexican companies. He also performed different procedures related to the employee’s contributions.
  • Participated in collections of protocol files and annexes, and their delivery to the General Archive of Notaries.


  • Universidad Iberoamericana, 2011
  • Johan Cruyff Institute for Sport Studies Mexico, 2014

Admittance to Practice

  • Mexico
  • March 7, 2019 - SHRM Online - "Mexican Congress Seeks to Reform Employer-Friendly ‘White’ Unions"

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