Conversations About Race: Ethnicity Pay Reporting in the UK

In this episode of a podcast miniseries in partnership with NOTICED, Justin Tarka and Rebecca Emery discuss the recent push for ethnicity pay reporting in the United Kingdom. The speakers compare ethnicity pay reporting with gender pay gap reporting. The speakers also address the challenges of implementing ethnicity pay reporting and discuss the current status of government action on mandating ethnicity pay reporting.

Navigating Economic Incentives, Legislative Initiatives, and Workplace Issues in the Age of Social Protest

Over the last year, many employers have responded internally and externally to issues raised by an increasing number of social justice movements. In this podcast, Randle Pollard and Simone Francis address the concerns and considerations that may arise when employers engage in social justice conversations, including the possible implications for tax incentives and employee engagement.

Global Solutions, Episode 25: Diversity Data Beyond Borders

In this crossover episode of our Global Solutions podcast series and our newly-launched DE&I@Work series, Bonnie Puckett and Justin Tarka provide an overview of the use of diversity surveys as part of an employer’s diversity and inclusion program. The speakers address data privacy implications and discuss best practices for data collection. Ogletree Deakins’ Global Solutions podcast series includes country-specific flash briefings, full episodes on relevant topics for multinational employers, recap episodes, and companion materials. Ogletree Deakins’ DE&I@Work series focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, including roundtables with diversity and inclusion stakeholders. A companion article and other relevant content are forthcoming.

Global Solutions, Episode 10: China’s New Civil Law on Sexual Harassment and Privacy Rights

In this podcast, Amanda Quan and Skye Hao discuss China’s new law addressing sexual harassment and individual privacy rights, marking the first time that employers in China have been required to make affirmative efforts to prevent and address sexual harassment in the workplace. Our speakers also address the new civil code chapter addressing the right to privacy and protection of personal information.

Third Thursdays With Ruthie: Employer Considerations for the ‘Strike for Black Lives’

In this Friday edition of our Third Thursdays series, Ruthie Goodboe is joined by Dennis Davis and Anthony Martin to discuss the upcoming national Strike for Black Lives planned for July 20, 2020 and similar events. The speakers address considerations for employers relating to employee engagement and disruptions to the work environment, including organizational culture, protected concerted activity, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and various perspectives of employees, vendors, media, and other third parties.

Diversity and Inclusion at Work: How U.S. Law Impacts Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this episode of our Diversity and Inclusion at Work series, Sarah Platt and Brazitte Poole discuss diversity and inclusion laws and initiatives to consider during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. In highlighting issues they covered in the D&I Legal Surveys, Model Policy & Compliance Tools, they provide common scenarios that employees may encounter and an overview of the various federal and state laws that employers should be mindful of as they return employees to their diverse workplaces.

Diversity & Inclusion at Work: Global Laws & Compliance

In this episode of our Diversity & Inclusion at Work series, Kimya Johnson and Bonnie Puckett discuss how employers with global workforces can create a diversity and inclusion program in light of differing and often conflicting laws across jurisdictions. Highlighting issues covered in the D&I Legal Survey, Model Policy, and Compliance Tools kit, this podcast details the various political, cultural and economic considerations for employers to create a D&I program and code of compliance consistent with their global values.

Third Thursdays with Ruthie: Strategies for Effective Responses to Discussions About Race

In this episode of our Third Thursday series, Ruthie Goodboe is joined by Luther Wright, Jr. to discuss strategies employers can use to respond to issues of race, social injustice and other difficult subjects. Our speakers address barriers to healthy communications, proactive actions employers can take, and how to employees can engage on an individual level.

Allyship: How to Support Your Black Colleagues During This Racial Pandemic

As the global community continues to grapple with issues of racial injustice, Sierra Gray discusses how employers and employees can be allies in workplace, including identifying and addressing micro-aggressions and the concept of colorblindness. This podcast provides a starting point of resources for listening to, engaging with, and standing up for others.

Diversity & Inclusion at Work: Employee Engagement & Connection Beyond COVID-19

With the increased importance of ensuring that employees remain engaged, Lauren Oldham and Michael Thomas discuss job satisfaction, employee loneliness, and the distinctions between employee engagement, disengagement, and non-engagement. Highlighting issues they covered in the D&I Legal Surveys, Model Policy & Compliance Tools kit, they also offer guidance and best practices for employers seeking to drive employee engagement.

Diversity & Inclusion at Work: Global Concepts & Policies for Maintaining Respectful Workplaces

In this episode of our Diversity & Inclusion at Work series, Kimya Johnson and Daniella McGuigan discuss global concepts around respecting diverse populations, how to create respectful workplaces through and beyond COVID-19, and why it is important to do so. Guided by the Global Model Respectful Workplace Policy Template presented in the D&I Legal Surveys, Model Policy & Compliance Tools, they address key considerations for employers as they draft and deploy a global policy.

Diversity & Inclusion at Work: How Employers May Respond to Injustice and Social Unrest

As our country continues to address issues of racial inequality and corresponding social unrest, inclusivity in the workplace is of paramount importance. In this episode of Diversity and Inclusion at Work series, Shafeeqa Giarratani, Kimya Johnson, and Luther Wright address how and what employers should be communicating to their employees and clients in response to current events, including creating and updating an action plan, best practices for issuing internal and public statements, and how to engage in respectful dialogue with employees.

Diversity & Inclusion at Work: Difficult Conversations During and Beyond COVID-19

In this episode of our Diversity & Inclusion at Work series, Shafeeqa Giarratani and Luther Wright discuss best practices for having difficult communications in a diverse workplace. Highlighting issues they covered in the D&I Legal Surveys, Model Policy, and Compliance Tools kit, this podcast focuses on how employers can maintain inclusivity, be aware of implicit biases, and best manage emotional responses to communications.