Costs associated with ediscovery continue to rise and are now among the most expensive components of employment litigation. At Ogletree Deakins, we contain and reduce ediscovery costs, allowing cases to be defined by their merits rather than by the burden of ediscovery expenses.

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Our Model

Our case managers have extensive experience in the efficient management of electronic data through every stage of the ediscovery life cycle, and they strategize with attorneys and clients on effective electronically stored information (ESI) protocols. Working with our ediscovery managed services provider, we are able to provide state-of-the-art data processing and hosting services at below-market rates.

Special Pricing for Small-Volume Matters

Employers can no longer afford to ignore ediscovery, even in “small” cases. Our special pricing model developed for small-volume cases dramatically reduces the cost of ediscovery data services, while still providing the full suite of processing, review, and analytics tools.

Analytics Solutions

Advanced analytics tools such as email threading, predictive coding, and concept clustering can significantly reduce discovery costs. Our case managers make sophisticated use of these features to realize efficiencies, and these tools are available at no additional per-gigabyte charge.

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Litigation Support’s customized discovery data model delivers high-quality consultation and technical services at prices that are typically a fraction of those charged by ediscovery vendors.