State Wage & Hour

OD Comply: State Wage & Hour helps private employers properly pay employees in all 50 states by providing a practical guide to legal compliance with the nuances of state wage and hour laws.

State Wage & Hour subscription includes:

  • Thorough summaries—searchable and customizable by state and by law—of the most common wage and hour laws in each state, such as:
    • wage notice requirements upon hire
    • minimum wage* and tip credit requirements
    • overtime requirements
    • meal and rest breaks
    • day of rest
    • direct deposit
    • payroll cards
    • frequency of pay
    • report to work pay
    • paystub requirements
    • deductions
    • vacation pay
    • pay upon termination
    • and more

*Major Locality Coverage

  • Citations to statutes and applicable regulatory guidance
  • Legal updates and prompt notification of the inevitable changes in these state laws

The Problem

Many states have their own laws on a wide variety of wage and hour issues, such as minimum wage and tip credit requirements, overtime requirements, meal and rest breaks, minimum pay for reporting to work, direct deposit and payroll cards, frequency of pay, paystub requirements, notice of changes in pay or hours, deductions from employees’ pay, “use-it-or-lose-it” vacation policies, final payment upon termination, and others.

These laws differ from state to state in both minor and substantial ways. As employers well know, employees pay attention to and care about their pay, so it is important for employers to get it right. But for companies with employees in multiple states throughout the country, it is becoming more and more burdensome to keep track of and comply with these varied and ever-changing state wage and hour laws. Mere compliance with federal wage and hour laws is not sufficient to remain legally compliant.

The Solution

OD Comply: State Wage & Hour—our flat-fee, subscription-based service—helps private employers maintain compliance with the often complex and widely differing wage and hour laws in all 50 states. OD Comply will describe the applicable laws, show subscribers how they differ from state to state, and explain what private employers need to do to avoid liability and stay in compliance. During the 12-month subscription period, subscribers will receive legal updates on new state wage and hour laws from across the country as well as practical advice on how they affect their business.

For questions or other details about the State Wage & Hour subscription or about state wage and hour laws in general, please use the links at the top of this page or contact the Ogletree Deakins State Wage and Hour Advice team at