Membership in Professional Associations

Ogletree Deakins encourages and supports membership and participation in local, state and national professional associations that are committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

C. Matthew Keen, Ogletree Deakins’ Managing Partner, is a member of the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity and many of the firm’s lawyers are active in organizations such as:

Ogletree Deakins is also proud to be a member of the following nationally recognized organizations that promote diversity and inclusion in the legal industry.

Women’s Leadership Edge is a membership program that assists with advancing women to the next level.  Members receive practical evidence-based tools not only for women, but also for sponsors, mentors, professional development directors, and organizational leaders to enable an organization to effectively retain, support, and advance women from within.

The Center for Legal Inclusiveness is dedicated to advancing diversity in the legal profession by actively educating and supporting private and public CLI logosector legal organizations in their own individual campaigns to create cultures of inclusion. Its focused work in Colorado is on-going and forms the basis for all of its innovative programs and initiatives, many of which have become national models.

Membership in the Project for Attorney Retention (PAR), now Diversity & Flexibility Alliance (DFA),demonstrates Ogletree Deakins’ support for retaining and advancing women in law and for work/life balance for all attorneys, which is key to retaining top talent.

DFA members receive information about recruiting, retention, and development of attorneys; quarterly teleconferences on current retention and work/life issues; a telephone networking group for balanced hours coordinators to discuss day-to-day realities of managing flexible work programs; and, upon request, a complete review and analysis of the firm’s part-time, balanced hours, or other work/life policies.

Ogletree Deakins is also a member of VAULT, whose stated mission is to “be the indispensable provider of information and solutions for professionals and students who are pursuing and managing high-potential careers.”

Thousands of employers, including 70 of the Fortune 100, use Vault to reach a highly targeted audience of high-performance candidates that are seeking information about companies and law firms. In addition, Vault's clients include more than 1,000 universities and graduate schools providing 6 million students globally with access to Vault's Online Career Library database as well as public libraries across the United States.