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COVID-19 Prevention Program Template


New York HERO Act Alert: New York Department of Labor Updates Its Information Sheet

OSHA to Require Employers With 100+ Employees to Ensure Workers Are Vaccinated or Tested Weekly

Vaccine ‘Passports’ Are Coming to Ontario on September 22, 2021

Oregon Changes Temporary Rule Requiring Healthcare Worker Vaccinations

FDA’s Full Stamp of Vaccine Approval Delivers Progress, but Issues With Vaccine Passports and Policies Are Looming

Biden Administration Will Require Nursing Homes to Vaccinate Employees as a Condition for Receipt of Federal Funding

Maryland to Mandate Vaccinations for Healthcare Workers in Hospitals and Nursing Homes, Effective September 1, 2021

San Francisco Bay Area and City of Berkeley Issue Mask Mandates for Even Fully-Vaccinated Individuals

DOJ Releases Memorandum Supporting Employers’ Right to Mandate Vaccines Approved by the FDA for Emergency Use

Resolving Workplace Vaccination and Mask Conflicts: 5 FAQS as Workplaces Reopen

New York HERO Act: Exposure Prevention Standard and Model Plans Are Here

Michigan’s COVID-19 Emergency Rules Suspended for All Industries Except Healthcare

New Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Regulations Take Effect IMMEDIATELY

Mandatory Vaccination Policy Lawsuit Update: Nurses Take a Shot Against Hospital, But Judge Jabs Back

Cal/OSHA Publishes Revised Proposed COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard Revisions for June 17 Standards Board Vote

OSHA Issues New COVID-19 Guidance for All Industries Not Covered by Its ETS for Healthcare

OSHA Finally Issues Its COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard, Confines It to Healthcare

California OSH Board Votes to Withdraw Latest Changes to the COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard and Vote on a New Revision on June 17, 2021

German Employers’ Mandatory COVID-19 Testing and Telecommuting Requirements

Michigan’s COVID-19 Emergency Rules: Major Changes to Take Effect Soon

Oregon Health Authority Issues New Vaccine Guidance—‘Interim Guidance for Fully Vaccinated Individuals’

100 Days of the Biden Administration, Part II: Key Labor and Employment Policy Developments

Santa Clara County’s New COVID-19 Rules: Employers Must Obtain Vaccination Status, Report Positive Test Results, and Enforce Mask Use

Federal Judge Dismisses Wife’s COVID-19 Tort Suit Against Husband’s Employer

The New York HERO Act: What Employers Need to Know

South Carolina Governor Signs Liability Shield Legislation Into Law

OSHA’s New Guidance on Recordability of COVID-19 Vaccine Reactions

A Few Legal Considerations on MSHA’s COVID-19 Guidance

California’s AB 1175: Advance Notice of Cal/OSHA Inspection of Worksites?

OSHA’s COVID-19 National Emphasis Program and Enforcement Response Plan: 10 Q&As for Employers Who May Need to Comply

San Francisco Judge Denies Injunctive Relief Allowing Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards to Remain in Place

Wisconsin Joins States Providing Civil Immunity Related to COVID-19 Exposure

Cal/OSHA COVID-19–Related Citations May Provide Leverage to Labor Unions and Their Members

Ontario Announces Reopening Plan and End to the State of Emergency

The Top 10 Labor and Employment Issues Keeping Retailers Up at Night in 2021

Cal/OSHA Updates Online Resources for California Employers

OSHA Issues ‘Stronger’ Workplace Guidance on COVID-19

Global Strategies for COVID-19 Vaccinations in the Workplace: 7 FAQs for Multinational Employers

Executive Order on COVID-19—Vague Regarding MSHA

President Biden Issues Executive Order Promising Fast Movement by OSHA on COVID-19—Can It Deliver?

Ontario’s New State of Emergency, Stay-at-Home Order, and Rules for Employers and Businesses

Toronto Employers Face New COVID-19 Reporting Requirements

Alberta Enacts Stronger Public Health Measures to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

An Update on COVID-19–Related Protocols in Ontario, Québec, and British Columbia

Cal/OSHA Emergency Workplace COVID-19 Regulation: 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Governor Walz ‘Dials Back’ Minnesota’s Phased Reopening Due to Resurgence of COVID-19

California Passes Emergency Workplace COVID-19 Regulation

Maryland’s November 2020 COVID-19 Update: A Primer on Two Recent Directives

Draft Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Regulations up for Vote on November 19, 2020

Massachusetts Federal Court Preliminarily Requires Employer to Allow Employee’s Teleworking

Michigan OSHA Issues Emergency Rules Related to COVID-19

OSHA Clarifies Reporting Requirement for COVID-19-Related Hospitalizations and Fatalities With New FAQs

New Legal Duty for Employers and Employees Regarding Self-Isolation in England Comes Into Force

Employers, Don’t Let Your Guard Down: COVID-19–Related Employment Lawsuits Are in Full Swing

Cal/OSHA Standards Board to Draft and Adopt COVID-19 Safety Standard

New California Labor Code
Section 6409.6 Imposes COVID-19 Workplace Exposure Notice Requirements

Now You See Them, Now You Don’t: OSHA Removes Recently Published FAQs on Reporting Hospitalizations and Fatalities Due to COVID-19

OSHA Publishes New FAQs on Reporting Hospitalizations and Fatalities Due to COVID-19

OSHA Issues COVID-19 Guidance for the Oil and Gas Industry

CDC Issues COVID-19 Testing Strategy Guidance for Workplaces

Tackling the Realities of COVID-19, Part I: Screening, Safety, Returning to Work, and My Trip to the Dentist

CDC Issues Guidance for Universities and Colleges on Safely Opening Campuses

California Governor Extends Wage Claim and Cal/OSHA Deadlines

OSHA Issues Updated COVID-19 Guidance for Construction Industry Employers

Can Employees Refuse to Return to Work Because of COVID-19?

CDC Issues Compilation of Guidance to Assist Reopening Initiatives

OSHA, Industrial Commission of Arizona Issue Guidance on Recording COVID-19 Cases and Potential Workers’ Compensation Liability

OSHA Revises Its Recordkeeping Guidance for COVID-19 Work-Related Cases

Cal/OSHA’s New COVID-19 Office Workspace Guidance Offers Cleaning and Distancing Protocols

OSHA Issues COVID-19 Guidance for Nursing Home and Long-Term Care Facilities

California Releases COVID-19 Guidance for 20 Different Industries as the State Goes Back to Work

Cal/OSHA Issues COVID-19 Related Guidance for Dine-In Restaurants

EEOC Updates COVID-19 Disability Accommodation Guidance to Address Higher-Risk Employees Returning to Work

Tort Claims for Workplace Exposure to COVID-19: A Coming Wave?

Cal/OSHA Issues Guidance for Logistics and Warehousing Facilities

Cal/OSHA Releases COVID-19 Guidance for Logistics and Warehouse Facilities

COVID-19 Risk Awareness: Addressing Workplace Water Systems as Employers Restart Operations

CDC Provides Additional Advice for Temperature Screenings

OSHA Issues Enforcement Guidance on Decontamination of N95 Respirators in Healthcare

CDC and OSHA Issue Guidance for Meat and Poultry Processing Workers and Employers

State COVID-19 Orders Regulating Worker Safety—Are They Preempted?

COVID-19 Likely Responsible for Hike in OSHA “Fatality/Catastrophe” Investigations at Healthcare Facilities

OSHA Issues COVID-19 Compliance Guidance for Construction Workforces

OSHA’s New COVID-19 Inspection Plan: What Employers Should Expect

OSHA Considers Employer’s Good Faith Efforts When Enforcing Compliance During Coronavirus Pandemic

Healthcare Employers Facing OSHA Scrutiny During the COVID-19 Pandemic

CDC Issues New Guidance for Critical Infrastructure Workers

CDC Provides Updated Guidance on Asymptomatic Individuals Returning from Home Isolation

OSHA Issues Interim Enforcement Guidance on the Meaning of “Work Related” for Recording Cases of COVID-19

OSHA Issues New Enforcement Guidance to Address the N95 Shortage During the Coronavirus Pandemic

DOT Issues Guidance on Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

FMCSA Offers Flexible Solutions for Drug and Alcohol Testing During COVID-19 Outbreak

Implementing COVID-19 Temperature Checks in Light of the CDC’s and OSHA’s Silence: What Employers Need to Know

Tips for Manufacturers on Continuing Production During the Coronavirus Pandemic

OSHA Allows Healthcare Employers to Suspend N95 Annual Fit-Testing During Coronavirus “Outbreak”

Coronavirus Watch: What Are Employers’ Legal Responsibilities for the Safety of an Employee’s Home Workplace?

OSHA Issues New Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

Federal OSHA Releases Guidance on 2019 Novel Coronavirus for Employers

Cal/OSHA Issues Coronavirus Guidance for Employers