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Client Portal

Client Portal

Looking to manage your compliance efforts, get a multi-jurisdictional view of up-to-date employment laws, build an employee handbook, have practical legal templates at your fingertips, and save time?

The Ogletree Deakins Client Portal is our new platform designed to ensure you stay current on employment and compliance matters.

Get real-time updates on complex and changing laws, current benchmarking data, interactive data visuals, and hundreds of customizable templates on the Ogletree Deakins Client Portal. Log in from any device and tailor it to your needs. For more information, attend a 30-minute demo or reach out to clientportal@ogletree.com.

Client Portal Features Include:

Law Summaries

Access plain-English, user-friendly summaries and updates of 75+ legal topics under federal, 50 U.S. states, and District of Columbia law.

Topics and Tasks

Benchmarking & Claims

View and filter key data on interactive benchmarking dashboards, request and respond to surveys, and analyze trends from courts and agencies.

Sample Materials

Handbook Builder

Create and customize employee handbooks compliant with U.S. 50-state and major locality law. Generate both an employee-facing handbook and an employer-facing guide with references to relevant law summaries and tasks that provide step-by-step guidance on compliance.

Sample Materials

State Law Maps

See where multi-jurisdictional compliance challenges arise with interactive maps covering a wide array of employment law topics.

Sample Materials

Customized Tables

Build and download both succinct tables and detailed legal surveys explaining and comparing the employment laws in chosen jurisdictions.

Documents and Tools

Take advantage of 500+ checklists, forms, applications, notices, guides, training resources, and policy templates—all current and customizable.

Let us know how we can help you navigate your particular workplace legal issues.