On December 6, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 9-0 to advance a bill (S2405) that would remove the two-year statute of limitations for sexual abuse victims to sue abusers and their employers under certain circumstances. In particular, this bill removes the statute of limitations for actions brought by minors under N.J.S.A. 2A:61B-1, the “Child Sexual Abuse Act.” The bill also expands the category of individuals who would be liable for sexual abuse to include any person “with supervisory or disciplinary power of any nature or capacity over the victim.” Under this bill, any person with a position of authority over the plaintiff who commits sexual abuse or does nothing to stop known abuse will be liable for civil damages. In addition, the bill eliminates the statute of limitations for claims of negligent hiring, supervision or retention of an employee by a nonprofit organization which leads to a sexual offense against a minor.

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