Global Solutions Episode 2: What’s up, Doc? Designated Occupational Medical Providers’ Roles in Reopening During COVID-19

In preparing global strategies for monitoring employee health, employers with international workforces may want to be aware that occupational medicine plays a key role for employers in many countries outside the United States—whether in the hiring and termination process, in developing and implementing health and safety plans, or in evaluating work-related illnesses and injuries.

An Easing of Brazil’s Restrictive Labor Laws? Only Time Will Tell

Brazil’s troubled economy has been making global headlines for the past few months. After five years of growth, understood now to have largely been fueled by China’s seemingly insatiable hunger for commodities, the economy has ground to a halt and is declining to negative growth for 2015 and likely 2016. For the first time in 13 years, the currency exchange rate hovers at around four Brazilian reais to one U.S. dollar, and the Brazilian stock market is at its lowest level in more than six years. And, with Standard & Poor’s recent downgrade of Brazil’s credit rating, Brazil has lost its investment-grade status.