What Is CBD Oil and Why Should Employers Care to Know?

Recent federal legislation removed hemp and hemp-derived products, including hemp-derived CBD, from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, which drastically increased their marketability. Since the use and production of CBD oil and related products derived from hemp are now lawful under federal law and in most states, employers may want to learn the basics about CBD and what it means for their workforces.

Pennsylvania’s New Medical Marijuana Law: What Employers Need to Know

On April 17, 2016, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed Senate Bill 3 (SB3), otherwise known as the Medical Marijuana Act, which legalizes the prescription and use of medical marijuana by persons with a “serious medical condition” in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Under Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Act, only persons with a specified “serious medical condition” may be prescribed or use medical marijuana, and recreational use of marijuana remains prohibited. The act, which includes certain provisions specific to employers, will go into effect on May 17, 2016, leaving little time for employers to become familiar with the requirements set forth in this lengthy law.

Are Pennsylvania Employers Safe to Prohibit Recordings in the Workplace?

In an age of smartphones and wearable technology, one cannot escape the possibility that he or she is being recorded at any given time. The workplace is not immune from such possibilities as employees often carry—or sometimes wear—devices with the ability to record audio and video in the workplace. Faced with the presence of such technological devices, employers often prohibit employees from any and all recording in the workplace. Employees, on the other hand, may seek to record activity in the workplace to, for example, document unsafe workplace conditions, publicize the terms and conditions of their employment, or gather evidence to support legal claims. These competing interests—corporate and individual—create a conflict between the rights of employers and employees regarding recordings in the workplace.