New legislation has recently been enacted under which “micro-enterprises” are relieved from the obligation to implement a full set of mandatory HR policies.

An organization is a micro-enterprise if it meets the following requirements:

Under simplified HR requirements, micro-enterprises may choose not to adopt such mandatory local HR policies as Internal Labor Regulations, Personnel Compensation Policy, Bonus Policy, Shifts Schedule, and others. However, while a micro-enterprise may choose not to adopt these policies in full, it is still required to include certain key provisions of such policies in individual employment contracts.

To assist micro-enterprises, the Russian government has approved a standard individual employment contract that meets these requirements. In addition to clauses covering job title, place of employment, and probation period, the standard contract has optional clauses for off-site employees and also allows employers to define in more detail the location of the workplace and to specify the makeup of a business unit.


These new simplified HR requirements are aimed at reducing the volume of documents a micro-enterprise has to manage, while still maintaining appropriate protection of employees’ labor rights.

Written by Maria Gnutova and Irina Anyukhina of ALRUD Law Firm and Roger James of Ogletree Deakins