In response to social pressure, particularly the demonstrations that took place across the country in March to protest gender discrimination, the Spanish government has announced new measures aimed at addressing this problem.

The governing party, the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE), has proposed changes to the Workers’ Statute Act, including a requirement that employers provide further pay information to workers’ representatives.

The PSOE has also approved a political action plan on dignity in employment relations. It includes specific measures to control and fight gender discrimination. The plan include the following employment-related measures:

Training: An increase in specific training for Labor Inspectorates on these issues.


Spain, like other countries in the European Union, has had clear legislation for decades on gender discrimination (from the Spanish Constitution to the Equality Law, which was passed in 2007 and modified the Workers’ Statute Act). However, the recent demonstrations, coupled with social evolution on this topic, have added a sense of urgency to make those laws effective.

A new generation of individuals with different social values may change the situation that the law has been trying to address for decades.

Written by Lara Vivas and Jennifer Bel Antaki of Cuatrecasas and Roger James of Ogletree Deakins