Kevin D. Bland

Shareholder || Orange County

Kevin D. Bland joined Ogletree Deakins law firm in their Orange County office in 2011. Mr. Bland provides a wealth of experience in Health and Safety.  Before he began his legal career, Mr. Bland had nearly 20 years of construction, safety, and business experience.  In 2000, he launched his legal career after graduating cum laude from Whittier School of Law. Mr. Bland holds a Contractor’s “A” License and his practice focuses primarily on safety, risk management, Cal-OSHA regulatory rulemaking, and Cal/OSHA citation appeals. He counsels and represents various industries including construction, manufacturing, motion picture and television, and various other general industry clients along with various trade associations, construction contractors, and material suppliers.

With over two decades of safety and risk management experience to serve your needs, Mr. Bland provides his clients with legal counseling combined with practical business advice.  He began his career as an Iron Worker in Los Angeles, California where he worked as an erection foreman on high-rise buildings.  Mr. Bland has also served as Vice-President of a corporation that was accredited by United States and California Departments of Occupational Safety and Health Administration to perform testing of construction crane equipment and other material handling devices. As an expert consultant, he has advised general contractors, offshore oil platform operators, and crane and rigging contractors regarding construction planning, safety, and safe crane operation practices.

Mr. Bland has participated in rule-making advisory committees for various Cal-OSHA divisions and served as a consultant to the Crane Unit in the development of load testing procedures for mobile cranes.  He was instrumental in the development of the “Snyder Langston Mobile Crane Safety Manual Policies and Procedures” that won the International Risk Management Best Practice Awards for loss control, risk financing, risk transfer, and risk analysis in 1999.

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Various industries including construction, manufacturing, motion picture and television; other general industry clients; and various trade associations, construction contractors, and material suppliers.


  • J.D., cum laude, Whittier College School of Law, 2000
  • B.S., Business Administration, University of Phoenix, 1997

Admittance to Practice

  • California
  • Colorado

Professional Activities

  • California Framing Contactors Association (General Counsel)
  • CALPASC OCIE Chapter – California (General Counsel)
  • Associated General Contractors
  • Engineering Contractors Association
  • Southern California Contractors Association
  • Colorado Trial Lawyers Association
  • Colorado Bar Association (Construction Law Committee)
  • Denver Bar Association (Construction Law Committee)
  • American Bar Association (Construction Law Section)


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  • AGC of California Safety Associate of the Year
  • Contribution to Industry Safety Strathmore’s Who’s Who
  • Most Influential People in California Occupational Safety and Health by Cal-OSHA Reporter

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