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W. Gregory Mott

Of Counsel   |   Washington

Greg provides nationwide guidance to government contractors. He helps them navigate the maze of labor, prevailing wage, fringe benefit, apprenticeship, minimum wage, sick leave, and related recordkeeping and reporting requirements they encounter on their government-funded jobs. He counsels contractors with respect to regulatory compliance when they bid, contract, and perform government construction or service contracts governed by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and subject to U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) enforcement.

Greg is a valuable, go-to resource for addressing prevailing wage issues on public contracts. He regularly advises contractors how to calibrate their pay practices and labor burdens to comply with any applicable hourly state and local prevailing wage, fringe benefit, and apprenticeship requirements. Greg also develops industry and task-specific prevailing wage coverage matrices, drafts risk and enforcement assessments, and oversees internal audits for construction and service contractors of all sizes.

Greg regularly defends federal construction contractors and service vendors facing regional DOL investigations and back pay audits aimed at enforcing the Construction Wage Rate Requirement law (i.e., Davis-Bacon Act (DBA)) and the Service Contract Labor Standards law (i.e., Service Contract Act (SCA)). He has participated in adjudicating or defusing prevailing wage and fringe benefit rate and coverage disputes, including private back pay lawsuits in states with their own state prevailing wage laws. Greg focuses on obtaining early resolution to help his clients avoid uncertainty and high costs associated with investigations and defending public or private enforcement actions based on alleged non-compliance.

Greg is primed to advise suppliers and contractors regarding prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements imposed on government-funded projects under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, as well as government-subsidized renewable and clean energy construction, alteration, or repair projects under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

Beyond his extensive work in the public contracting space, Greg has substantial experience litigating union retiree healthcare and pension benefit issues under ERISA and issues involving the arbitrability and judicial review of labor arbitration awards under the Labor Management Relations Act (LMRA). Greg has successfully defended companies and briefed declaratory and injunctive actions on their behalf against the government, multiemployer fund trustees, and unions attempting to enforce claimed statutory or collectively-bargained contractual liabilities.

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