At Ogletree Deakins, we seek to provide our clients with exceptional service and great value. We believe that to provide efficient and effective services to our clients, we must leverage our attorneys’ collective knowledge and experience. Because our knowledge management initiatives are key components of our efforts to provide superior client experience, we have invested heavily in our knowledge management infrastructure and are constantly seeking ways to innovate.

Ogletree Deakins’ Knowledge Management Department includes several talented employees—many of whom are former practicing attorneys—who help our attorneys deliver innovative knowledge management approaches for our clients.

Our Knowledge Management team has been recognized by the following organizations for their exemplary work in delivering value and innovation:

  • Best New Legal Product (finalist) - The Lawyer
  • Innovative Project of the Year (finalist) - ILTA
  • Client Service and Delivery Impact Award (second place) - LMA
  • Best KM Team (finalist) - The Lawyer
  • Innovation in KM (finalist) - The Lawyer
  • Intranet Innovation Gold Award - StepTwo Designs
  • Innovative Law Firm of the Year (finalist) - ILTA
  • Knowledge Management Reality Award (finalist) - KMWorld
  • Knowledge Management Promise Award (finalist) - KMWorld

Clientlink Collaboration Platform

Ogletree Deakins offers clients secure, custom-built Clientlink collaboration sites that provide 24-7 web-based access to all the documents, data, reporting, and tools they need to effectively track matter progress.

Clientlink features include:

  • access to matter documents;
  • robust searching and filtering options;
  • discussion boards;
  • flexible-use wiki pages;
  • targeted news feeds;
  • docketing information; and
  • custom features based on client needs.

Each site is tailored to suit individual client requirements and preferences, all within a state-of-the-art user interface.

Client Team Sites

At Ogletree Deakins, collaboration is critical. Client Team Sites are internal websites that our attorneys and staff use to collaborate on client matters. These sites enable us to share key documents and client-specific information in one centralized location, quickly and effectively bringing team members up to speed and allowing us to serve our clients more efficiently.

Each Client Team Site is custom designed to meet the specific team’s needs. Client Team Sites may include:

  • document repositories containing client-specific materials, vetted templates and sample documents;
  • an ODSearch tool for easy, targeted access to all historical client documents;
  • client guidelines for working with specific in-house counsel;
  • updated news feeds related to a particular client; and
  • a client counseling log to record issues and questions answered by Ogletree Deakins attorneys, ensuring that our attorneys don’t spend time researching questions that have already been answered.


ODSearch is our sophisticated yet easy-to-use search engine for finding relevant internal documents and subject matter authorities within the firm. This robust tool helps our lawyers ensure quality, consistency, and efficiency by allowing them to identify and access best-practices resources in a matter of seconds.

ODSearch makes it easy to find model pleadings and other documents so attorneys don’t spend valuable time “reinventing the wheel.” This reduces research and drafting time and related costs. Similarly, by analyzing internal data and the collective knowledge of our attorneys, ODSearch can identify attorneys who have particular knowledge and subject matter experience. This makes it easy to connect clients with the appropriate Ogletree Deakins attorney for any given issue—ensuring efficiency that translates to real savings. In short, ODSearch makes it easy to locate the right attorneys and the right resources for addressing our clients’ needs.


Our award-winning firm intranet provides a central location for Ogletree Deakins systems, resources, and applications, ensuring our attorneys spend their time serving our clients rather than searching for information.

ODConnect was recognized with a Gold Award at the 2014 Intranet Innovation Awards, specifically acclaimed for its client-matter sites and search capabilities, which, according to the judges, demonstrated “an intranet developed with clear priorities and strong business alignment.” The award also highlighted strong evidence of time savings and “meaningful ROI.” These features translate into greater efficiency and greater value for our clients.

KM Legal Resource Center

At Ogletree Deakins, we know that our clients expect maximum efficiency and quality in every matter we handle. To address this demand, the Knowledge Management department created the KM Legal Resource Center, a robust collection of the highest-quality model documents, practice guides, and presentations, organized by legal topic and carefully curated by our team of Knowledge Management Counsel.

KM Legal Resource Center materials are prepared and approved by experienced Ogletree Deakins attorneys and made available firm-wide in one convenient, easily accessible location. By providing our attorneys with exemplary internal resources paired with valuable external resources from select providers, we enable our attorneys to work more efficiently and dramatically reduce costs for our clients.