The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJDOL) continues to provide employers with additional information regarding the new Paid Family Leave Law.  Both English and Spanish language version posters are now available on the NJDOL’s website.  Also, a detailed new Question and Answer sheet is available, which provides important payroll information (including how to report employee contributions on Form NJ927 and W-2s).

On a related note, on November 13 and 17, 2008, two bills (A3421 and A3466) seeking to delay the implementation of New Jersey’s Paid Family Leave Law (by a period of one year and two years, respectively) were introduced in the Assembly.  If either bill passes, the payment of benefits for family temporary disability leave under the Paid Family Leave Law would commence on July 1, 2010 or 2011, instead of July 1, 2009 as currently scheduled, and the collection of taxes to fund those benefits would commence on January 1, 2010 or 2011, instead of January 1, 2009.

Note: This article was published in the December 2008 issue of the New Jersey eAuthority.

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