On October 1, 2013, the “New Jersey Security and Financial Empowerment Act” (NJ SAFE Act) becomes effective, which in addition to providing new leave rights to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, creates yet another posting requirement for New Jersey employers.  The new NJ SAFE Act poster is available here and must be posted in all covered New Jersey workplaces by October 1. Including this new poster, covered New Jersey employers must now post and/or distribute the following workplace posters to comply with state posting obligations (additional federal posters are required as well for most employers, most of which are found here).

  • Family Leave Insurance poster: Must be posted, and personally provided to employees (1) at the time of hire, (2) upon request, and (3) whenever an employee provides the required notice to the employer that he or she will be taking family leave.  Available here.
  • CEPA poster (AD-270): Must be completed and then posted. Additionally, for any employer with 10 or more employees, each year a copy of the notice must be personally distributed to all employees. Available here.
  • Maintenance and Reporting of Employment Records poster (MW-400): Must be posted and distributed to all employees upon hire. Available here.
  • Wage and Hour Law Abstract poster (MW-220): Must be posted. Available here.
  • Child Labor Law Abstract poster (MW-129): Must be posted.  Available here.
  • Payment of Wages poster (MW-17): Must be posted. Available here.
  • Schedule of Minor’s Hours (MW-191): Must be posted. Available here.
  • Unemployment and Temporary Disability Benefits poster (PR-1): Must be posted. Available here.
  • Workers’ Compensation notice: Must be posted and is available through an employer’s insurance carrier.
  • Discrimination in Employment poster: Must be posted. Available here.
  • New Jersey Family Leave Act poster: Must be posted. Available here.
  • NJ SAFE Act poster (AD-289): Must be posted. Available here.

New Jersey employers should anticipate an additional poster and distribution obligation in the months to come, as a September 2012 law regarding gender equity in pay established additional obligations on that topic. However, that notice/poster has not yet been made available by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development (it remains in the regulatory review and comment process), and employers have no obligations with regard to that notice/poster until it is published.

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