Federal contractors and subcontractors must post certain information to inform job seekers and/or employees of applicable policies, regulations, and laws.

During a compliance review by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), the agency may request, through a supplemental data request, that the company submit proof that all required postings are properly displayed on company bulletin boards. During an onsite investigation, OFCCP will also ask to view all company bulletin boards to ensure posters are correctly displayed. Failure to display required posters can lead to OFCCP concluding there is a violation of the regulations.

Similar to the all-in-one posters that many companies use for state and federal postings, there is also an all-in-one poster for federal contractors. However, since not all posters are applicable to all federal contractors, some contractors may choose to instead display posters individually.

Here are the federal posters that contractors and subcontractors are required to display (note that the hyperlinks provide additional information and printable posters):


In addition to the above, the following notices are required to be posted if applicable and/or if required by the relevant federal contract:


Note that the above list may not be all-inclusive and other federal poster requirements may be applicable to an individual company. Posting requirements can change as regulations and laws are modified. For more information, please see the Department of Labor’s workplace posters webpage and OFCCP’s EEO poster webpage.


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