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  • The elective deferral limit for 401(k) and 403(b) plans will increase to $23,000 for 2024, but the catch-up contribution limit remains at $7,500.
  • The annual contribution limit for defined contribution plans (including deferrals and employer contributions) will increase to $69,000 for 2024.
  • The limitation on compensation that can be taken into account under tax-qualified retirement plans will increase to $345,000 for 2024.

The 2024 adjustments, also known as COLAs, were modest compared to those made for 2023. Annual elective deferral limits will increase by only $500 and there is no increase for catch-up contributions. The increases shown below are effective January 1, 2024.

Internal Revenue Code (IRC) or Regulation Section20242023
Annual compensation limit: IRC §§ 401(a)(17) / 404(l)$345,000$330,000
Elective deferral limit: IRC §§ 402(g)(1) and 457(e)(15)$23,000$22,500
Catch-up contribution limit: IRC § 414(v)(2)(B)(i)$7,500$7,500
Defined benefit plan limit: IRC § 415(b)(1)(A)$275,000$265,000
Defined contribution plan limit: IRC § 415(c)(1)(A)$69,000$66,000
Highly compensated employee threshold: IRC § 414(q)(1)(B)$155,000$150,000
Employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) limits: IRC § 409(o)(1)(C)$1,380,000 $275,000$1,330,000 $265,000
Key employee dollar limit in top-heavy plan: IRC § 416(i)(1)(A)(i)$220,000$215,000
SIMPLE maximum contribution limit: IRC § 408(p)(2)(E)$16,000$15,500
SIMPLE catch-up contribution limit: IRC § 414(v)(2)(B)(ii)$3,500$3,500
Simplified employee pension (SEP) minimum compensation: IRC § 408(k)(2)(C)$750$750
SEP maximum compensation: IRC § 408(k)(3)(C)$345,000$330,000
Control employee: § 1.61-21(f)(5)(i)$135,000$130,000
Control employee: § 1.61-21(f)(5)(iii)$275,000$265,000
Social Security taxable wage base$168,600$160,200

The IRS makes cost-of-living adjustments annually in response to inflation. Each limit is rounded to a whole number, usually the nearest $500 or $1,000, as prescribed by statute.

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