Keeping Current in California With Charles and Leslie

The California legislature passed several significant employment-related bills this session, and Governor Newsom has already signed some of those into law. Though the legislative session has ended, there are more employment-related measures awaiting the governor’s signature. In this month’s webinar, Charles Thompson and Leslie Wallis will provide an update on this active legislative session, as well as review California’s new regulations regarding criminal history, the EEOC’s strategic enforcement plan, and recent disability and accommodation case law developments. Karen Tynan, the West Coast chair of Ogletree’s Workplace Safety and Health Practice Group, will discuss the proposed workplace violence protection law.

Immigration Consequences of a Possible Federal Government Shutdown

While a federal government shutdown on October 1 is not certain, in the event that one occurs, service delays impacting immigration benefits and other areas should be expected. In this webinar, the speakers will discuss the politics of the potential shutdown and how shutdowns have transpired in the past. They will also look into the crystal ball at potential impacts, particularly the disruption of certain immigration services, and provide key takeaways for companies that employ foreign nationals.

OFCCP’s New Audit List and Scheduling Letter Increase the Burdens on Federal Contractors

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) issued its latest Corporate Scheduling Announcement List (CSAL) on September 8, 2023, quickly following the publication of the agency’s updated supply and service contractor Scheduling Letter and Itemized Listing. Federal contractors that are scheduled for compliance reviews after August 24 must comply with the agency’s enhanced and expedited information production obligations, perhaps very soon. In this webinar, the speakers will unpack the latest CSAL list, provide an overview of the most challenging aspects of the revised Scheduling Letter and Itemized Listing, and identify strategic considerations and response options for contractors selected for compliance reviews.

California’s New Workplace Violence Law and Cal/OSHA’s Expected Enforcement

California’s Senate Bill (SB) No. 553, if enacted, would require virtually every employer in California to adopt a comprehensive workplace violence prevention plan, starting on July 1, 2024. This webinar will review SB 553 and the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health’s (Cal/OSHA) proposed workplace violence prevention regulation. The webinar will address the proposed bill’s requirements to implement a written workplace violence prevention plan, to record every workplace violence incident in a violent incident log, to provide effective training to employees, and to maintain training records for at least one year.

Betsy’s Briefings—Coffee, Tea, and California Employment Law

Getting employees back to work after an injury, illness, or leave of absence can be challenging in California if the employee has work restrictions and/or a disability. Employers have a statutory obligation to engage in the interactive process and to reasonably accommodate an employee’s disability, and California has its own take on how the interactive process should be handled and what accommodations may be reasonable. In this webinar, the speakers will assist attendees in understanding their obligations under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, managing and documenting reasonable accommodations and the interactive process, and identifying the medical information they can obtain during the interactive process.