Going Viral: Addressing Infectious Disease Concerns in the Workplace

in the past few years, several infectious disease outbreaks have been in the news, from the Zika epidemic to measles outbreaks, and employers also have to contend with cold and flu season each year. Join this webinar to explore some of the common issues confronting employers when an infectious disease infiltrates the workplace, including working with local health agencies; navigating the requirements of the occupational safety and Health Act, the Americans with disabilities Act, and other federal laws; weighing the pros and cons of employer-sponsored vaccination programs; and managing employee notification concerns. our speakers will also address planning and prevention, industry vulnerability assessments, and employee and manager education.

Massachusetts Paid Family Medical Leave: Employer Obligations for 2019 and Beyond

In 2018, Massachusetts enacted a law that provides employees and self-employed workers with paid family and medical leave. Employers in the Commonwealth must start making contributions to the paid family medical leave (PFML) program in July 2019. The Massachusetts Department of Family and Medical Leave, which oversees the PFML program, recently issued draft regulations that cover several topics.