On February 17, 2017, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) mailed Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSAL) to federal contractors and subcontractors.  The purpose of these letters is to give service and supply contractors advance notice that their company may be selected for an OFCCP compliance review. 

The CSAL notification is not required by law and contractors may be scheduled for a compliance review without receiving a CSAL. Moreover, the receipt of a CSAL for one contractor location does not preclude a compliance review at another location. Contractors with Functional Affirmative Action Program (FAAP) are not included in the CSAL list.

Information about OFCCP’s CSAL process may be found on the OFCCP site. However, the information found on this page may be inaccurate, as it has not been updated since President Trump took office. 

Contractors that receive CSALs should ensure that their affirmative action programs (AAP) are up to date and that they are fully compliant with the affirmative action regulations and laws. Ogletree Deakins’ Affirmative Action and OFCCP Compliance Practice Group will continue to monitor further developments regarding CSALs and compliance reviews and will update the Affirmative Action/OFCCP blog with any additional news.


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