OUR FOCUS, YOUR GOALS. The lawyers in Ogletree Deakins’ Disability Access Practice Group have extensive experience helping their clients face the multiple challenges presented by Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other disability access laws. From defending class actions, to ensuring compliance with federal and state building standards-thereby eliminating the conditions that lead to litigation-to navigating the complicated regulations covering service animals, hotel reservations, ticketing, and Segways, our work is comprehensive. Clients of the firm include businesses and organizations in a wide range of industries-stadiums and arenas, hotels, sports franchises, amusement parks, hospitals and other health care providers, national retailers, and local governments. The representative examples of our work, provided below, demonstrate the breadth and diversity of our practice. While an important part of our practice concerns typical compliance matters and litigation related to architectural barriers across the country, a significant portion of our practice reaches beyond those more basic ADA issues to include complex class actions and ADA cases with challenges varied and difficult. As time has passed, there has been a marked increase in new types of claims and areas of compliance, and our attorneys have substantial experience with more novel Title III issues involving website accessibility, pool lifts, point-of-sale devices, reasonable modification of policies, practices and procedures, and the provision of auxiliary aids and services for blind and deaf customers and guests. Our attorneys also work closely with clients to keep them informed of new legal developments and trends, from rising numbers of Title III class action cases to new and proposed federal and state regulations.

BUSINESS-ORIENTED COMPLIANCE SOLUTIONS. The Disability Access Practice Group is experienced in guiding clients through compliance challenges. In providing advice and counsel, we focus on finding practical, business-oriented solutions for cost-effective compliance. Some of the most common access issues and questions facing clients include the following:

To meet our clients’ compliance needs in this area, we have extensive experience providing advice and counsel to our clients’ businesses in the following areas:

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In order to help clients provide these services in a manner customized to their business, and to achieve predictability in cost, we welcome the opportunity to design, on a complimentary basis, reasonable fee arrangements that meet our clients’ customized needs.

LITIGATION AND ADVOCACY As with most litigation, claims of accessibility violation are often presented in ways that allow resolution and remedy prior to the filing of a lawsuit. Our practice group attorneys have a practical understanding of threats made by customers, patrons, guests, or patients, and know how to help clients respond in ways that can often avoid litigation and reduce legal costs and accommodation retrofitting. When disputes turn into lawsuits or go to trial despite previous efforts to resolve them, our national network of practice group attorneys, experienced in successfully litigating the full range of Title III and other disability access legal claims, is available. Often, experts must be obtained to show compliance with laws and regulations, or to dispute claims of violation, so we have also established contact with leading experts in various disciplines. Our recent relevant litigation experience includes:

Whatever the Title III needs a business faces, our team of experienced disability access lawyers across the country are available to help.

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