Step by Step: OSHA Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements, Part I

This two-part webinar series, presented by attorneys from Ogletree Deakins’ Workplace Safety and Health Practice Group, is designed for in-house counsel, safety officers, and human resources professionals who are responsible for, or interact with, OSHA logs of workplace injuries and illnesses. In addition to providing updates on and insight into OSHA requirements, our speakers will discuss hypotheticals and present interactive polls in which attendees can test their knowledge. Attendees are encouraged to have copies of their OSHA logs on hand so that they can spot issues that may need to be corrected.

Collective Bargaining Strategies

An informative and educational seminar addressing the latest collective bargaining topics impacting employers, including an interactive bargaining experience with veteran management and union-side negotiators.

Pittsburgh, PA

It’s All About Respect: Harassment-Prevention Training for Supervisors

It is critical that all supervisors understand what sexual harassment is and what it is not. Supervisors must also understand what their duties are when they know about harassment. Both Connecticut and California require at least two hours of sexual harassment training for all supervisors. Moreover, California requires supervisors to receive abusive conduct (bullying) and gender identity training within six months of being hired or promoted to a supervisory position and every two years thereafter. Supervisors must also prevent retaliation against employees who complain or witness harassment or discrimination.

This program is appropriate for supervisors in every state.

During our webcast, supervisors will be provided with specific guidance on how to recognize and prevent harassing and abusive behaviors. In addition, we will outline the steps to create and maintain a respectful workplace. During the two-hour webcast, supervisors will actively participate by answering polling questions that reinforce the teaching points. They will also learn about tools they can use to recognize different levels of harassment and how to respond appropriately.

Unpacking USERRA: Employment and Reemployment Rights for Uniformed Service Members

The main objectives of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) are to encourage noncareer uniformed service, to minimize disruption to service members and their employers, and to prohibit discrimination because of service. This session will address employees’ and employers’ rights and obligations under USERRA and will explore scenarios to demonstrate how USERRA applies in a broad variety of situations.

Reporting on Reform: What Employers in Mexico Need to Know

The Mexican Federal Labor Law and other laws affecting employment were recently amended to give workers the right to engage in collective bargaining and form and join unions. Other reforms include the elimination of the current labor authority (labor boards); the creation of labor courts, which will be part of the existing court system, dependent on the judicial branch; the formation of a national registry of unions and collective bargaining agreements; and a conciliation center. In this session, the managing partner of our Mexico City office will address the impact of these sweeping reforms on employers with operations in Mexico and provide tips for what those employers should do now to prepare for when the various provisions take effect.

OD Works! The Bermuda Triangle of Leave Laws: Just When You Thought it was Safe to go Back in the Water

Between Jaws, alligators in swimming pools, and piranhas in fresh water lakes, it is a wonder how anyone feels safe swimming anymore. This sense of fear is what many employers feel when navigating what some call “the Bermuda Triangle of leave laws,” which exists in the perilous space between workers’ compensation laws, the FMLA, and the ADA. This session will focus on the interplay between the various laws dealing with employee leaves and provide legal and practical guidance on how to steer clear of stinging jellyfish in the form of the DOL, the EEOC, and state and local administrative investigative agencies looking to make examples of employers that fail to comply.

Tampa, FL

Labor Law Solutions

We begin 2019 as we did 2018: optimistic that the current National Labor Relations Board will soon start to moderate the previous Board’s rules and decisions, but still concerned about unions seeking to exploit those favorable rules by engaging in aggressive organizing and collective bargaining.

Nashville, TN

Workplace Safety Symposium

This event features members of the Ogletree Deakins Workplace Safety and Health Practice Group, in-house counsel, and corporate safety directors from across the country.

New Orleans, LA

2020 National Workplace Strategies Seminar

Don’t miss Ogletree Deakins’ 2020 National Workplace Strategies seminar on May 13-16, 2020 at the JW Marriott  in Austin Texas. Ogletree Deakins’ annual Workplace Strategies seminar is the premier event of its kind for sophisticated human resources professionals, in-house counsel, and other business professionals.

Austin, TX