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Multistate Advice and Counseling

Multistate compliance is a rising challenge for many employers as they expand their business footprints and remote workforces across state lines. Multistate employers are required to comply with various state and local laws that are constantly evolving while also maintaining their workplace culture and meeting their business goals.

Breadth of Experience and Knowledgeable Advisors

The attorneys in our Multistate Advice and Counseling Practice Group are prepared to assist employers with the full spectrum of multistate employment compliance issues. Our attorneys have extensive experience counseling and training clients to ensure they are in compliance with employment laws in all jurisdictions, including providing updates to clients when new laws emerge.

Proactive Compliance Services

Our multistate compliance services include:

  • developing and updating employment handbooks, policies, procedures, agreements, applications, and other documents to ensure multistate compliance;
  • counseling employers on best practices as they expand to new states and localities, including drafting related documents, communications, and materials;
  • advising employers on legal issues arising under federal, state, and local laws, including developing strategies for employers to prevent and defend claims across multiple jurisdictions; and
  • assisting employers with the full range of workplace issues that may affect compliance, including decisions related to hiring, discipline, termination, leaves of absence, wage payment, required training, and other employment-related topics that vary across states.

Resources and Collaboration

The Multistate Advice and Counseling Practice Group draws upon the firm’s vast resources, including our robust suite of compliance solutions and other practice and industry groups. Our attorneys can also collaborate with attorneys in the firm’s other practice and industry groups who are experienced with specific legal issues that may arise during multistate compliance projects.

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