Unfair Competition and Trade Secrets

Long gone are the days when a loyal employee works his or her whole life for the same employer. Today, the typical employee works for a company for four years before moving on to the next job. At the same time, technology has made it simpler for employees to appropriate confidential, trade secret information as they move on to that next job. Now, companies must be vigilant in protecting their proprietary information and preserving relationships and goodwill with customers, suppliers and employees.

Our group’s nationwide roster of over 100 experienced lawyers and litigators are ready at a moment’s notice to help employers protect their assets with laser focus and accuracy that is on budget and on time, by:


We take pride in our strong tradition of assisting clients in implementing best behaviors, practices and policies, including, but not limited to:

It is our experience that prepared clients significantly enhance their chances of avoiding disputes, and, when disputes arise, winning or otherwise resolving them on favorable terms. It is because of our experience with helping a wide array of businesses and executives nationwide that we are never re-inventing the wheel.


Because we strive to know clients’ businesses and understand their needs, our advice and insight is always focused and tailored to clients, including:

Identifying and investigating breaches or violations by current or separated employees, including working with our firm’s e-discovery group to investigate suspected computer fraud; and
Addressing concerns surrounding the hiring of employees subject to restrictive covenants or who may possess trade secrets.


When litigation is necessary, our team of experienced litigators are at clients’ sides working for them. Whether it is on a moment’s notice because of injunction proceedings or it is for the long haul, we are committed to working with clients to provide fast, thoughtful, focused, effective, efficient and forceful (when necessary) representation. Combined with our resources, including our IT support, e-discovery and forensics teams, we bring more than enough muscle to any dispute.

Our entire litigation approach is predicated on the recognition that clients’ interests are paramount. We are committed to the highest standards of quality, professionalism, cooperation and communication and our clients will never be in the dark about any turn or contingency.

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